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Is cosmetic surgery right for me?
Is age a factor when considering cosmetic surgery?
Are breast implants safe?
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Apollo Hospitals has JCI accreditations for 7 of its hospitals, the largest by any hospital group in the region.

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Apollo Hospitals Group, today, is an integrated healthcare organization with owned and managed hospitals, diagnostic clinics, dispensing pharmacies and consultancy services.

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We pride ourselves for constantly being on the cutting edge, and going the extra mile to stay relevant and revolutionary.

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Come Experience the real life situations of saving life
Dr.S. Arumugam [Dr. Ari] MB.,FACS.

Did his general surgery residency in Philadelphia andNew York and did his plastic surgery residency in North Western University inChicago.

  • Email : arumugam6+chennai@gmail.com
  • Website : http://cosmeticsurgerychennaiindia.com

Dr. Ari is certified by American Board of Plastic Surgery after completing his training in Northwestern University in Chicago. He practised cosmetic surgery in Chicago land for over 20 years, before relocating in Chennai, India he has performed Breast Augumentation’s on over 2100 patients, Liposuction and Body Contouring Surgeries on over 1800 patients and Rhinoplasty (Reshaping of the Nose) on over 1300 patients.

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Treatments offered by Dr. Ari

  • 1Rhinoplasty
  • 2Liposuction
  • 3Abdominoplasty
  • 4Breast Augmentation
  • 5Breast Lift
  • 6Breast Reduction
  • 7Gynaecomastia
  • 8Face Lift
  • 9Eyelid Lift
  • 10Lip Reduction
  • 11Otoplasty
  • 12Skin Rejuvination
  • 13Skin Lighting
  • 14Scar Corrections
  • 15Moles Excision
  • 16Botox & Fillers


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